Why Use Thermal Paint Services?

This can be summed up in one word: Experience.

Previously, our thermal paint experts were involve with Thermal Paint Temperature Technology, Inc. (TPTT). But due to the changing environment, a need was felt and Thermal Paint Services, Inc. (TPS) was formed to provide enhanced thermal paint technology services.

We at Thermal Paint Services, Inc. are technical experts in this field and have over 30 years of real world test experience with this product. Many companies have tried and failed to effectively use Thermal Paints in testing. As with most things, there is a learning curve to the application of this technology. Many people have seen the potential of this product as it has existed in some form for close to 40 years, but they have failed to invest the time and effort required to be able to use Thermal Paints accurately.

At TPS, we have invested many years of development in paint application techniques, color contour analysis, incorporation of new technologies to help in the data gathering and extrapolation and in the presentation and remote management of test cells and data.

We have traveled a 30 year experience curve so we can offer our clients the most cost effective method of high temperature hostile environment testing available on the market today.